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Media / About

eMt has been in the media in various mediums, below are some national and local press releases, radio interviews and background information on eMMortal Enterprises and its founders.


WAYNE, Pa. (September 27, 2011) TL Golf Services Press Release
eMMortal Magnesium therapy (eMt) Makes Hit Golf Debut at World Amateur Championship.

It was a spectacular debut for eMt.

Myrtle Beach was the site of the first mass-public golf debut for eMMortal Magnesium therapy (eMt), the new pain-relief and anti-inflammatory agent, and the results were positive. The venue was the nightly 19th Hole Celebration at the World Amateur Handicap Championship. The principles for eMt, Dave Ritting and former Penn State and New York Jets star running back Blair Thomas, occupied a booth throughout the week and quickly found themselves to be among the busiest people at the event.

"We went to Myrtle Beach not really knowing what to expect," said Ritting. " The distribution of eMt on the golf side of the business hasn't really gotten off the ground yet and we knew we would be introducing the product to the golfers without much pre-promotion. But it didn't take long for word to spread. There were 3,000 golfers in the tournament, playing at least four rounds of golf in a row, and by the end of the week at least 2,000 of them had to be sore."

"I wore myself out giving mini-massages to all of the people who were hurting," said Thomas. "The next thing you knew, those people were bringing other people over to try the product and see if it helped them."

There were people waiting at the booth and talking about the product throughout the entire week. The word-of-mouth promotion was impressive.

"We got into the event late," explained Ritting. "Thanks to the cooperation of Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday and the International Network of Golf, we were able to use the event as an excellent promotion opportunity. We will never miss another World Am."

The secret to eMt is that it uses a medical grade of magnesium sulfate, an upgrade of the main ingredient in Epsom salts. The product's other ingredients, along with the natural transdermal qualities of magnesium sulfate, promote penetration into the affected area. As a result, eMt is quickly being accepted throughout the professional and recreational sports industries. In this new spray application it has proved effective in reducing joint pain, muscle soreness, sprains, ligament injuries, blisters, muscle spasms and back ache.

In addition, the continued use of magnesium -- a mineral that is increasingly being depleted in natural supply in our soil, plants and water has promoted stronger bones, heart health, arthritis relief, relief from fatigue, relief from migraines and reduced insomnia.


PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (March 22, 2011) - eMMortal Magnesium Therapy (eMt), formerly known as Power Over Pain (POP), has been selected as Product of the Month for March by the GolfTalk Live radio show. The popular pain-relieving product that debuted last year has been re-named, re-packaged and re-introduced to the public. Its applications to golfers of the world are varied.... Read the full story




About Our Founders

Blair Thomas

As a former Penn State & NFL running back, I suffer from recurring pains as a result of my years playing football. Some mornings I have trouble getting out of bed, and as I get older it gets harder and harder. I was introduced to a healthy alternative to prescription medication to relieve the aches and pains that I was suffering from.

Due to the relief I felt, I knew this was a product I wanted to get involved with. I can honestly say this product works. I travel all over the county coaching football players with several elite football camps and the positive results the players have experienced with the product only reconfirmed what I have experienced on a personal level.


Dave Ritting

Mere words could never describe the amazing results I’ve seen eMt produce since I was introduced to it about 2 years ago.  To see the look on someone’s face when the pain they’ve had for years is suddenly gone, is just an incredible feeling – so is the feeling you get when someone calls or sends you a testimonial about how thankful they are that eMt has provided them the relief they had been seeking for years.  These are the main reasons I became involved with eMt.

But I didn’t go into this blindly. I did my homework.  The more I learned about the benefits and importance of magnesium to our bodies, the more upset I became about how little our society knows about magnesium.  I learned that magnesium is as important as food and water for survival and for our bodies to function right.  I’ve learned that we no longer get our necessary levels of nutrients and vitamins in our food and water – the lack of which many doctors attribute to hundreds of today’s diseases. 

I’ve learned that many of the aches, pains and diseases we have can be reversed simply by making sure we are not magnesium deficient.  I’ve learned that magnesium is so critical to the blood, which feeds your heart and brain, that your blood takes it from your body cells when deficient. And that testing your magnesium levels using your blood is a false reading as it does not show the true story at the cell level, which is the most important level we need to know about. 

Finally, that next to a proper diet and costly intravenous injections, transdermal (topical) applications of magnesium are far more efficient than oral supplements to ensure we are getting the magnesium we so sorely need.  Why we haven’t been told all this by the powers that be is a question for the ages!

In my opinion, the reason eMt is so effective for just about anything that ails you, is simply that it gives your body the important nutrient it needs to heal itself.  Like our motto says “join the Magnesium Revolution – your body will love you for it!”


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Join the Magnesium Revolution...your body will love you for it!